GC43F3 / GC72DVJ / GC9P577

Brass Cap Brass Cap Cache • Stats & Logs
A cache by outforthehunt     Hidden: Here, there, and everywhere
Stats and GPX file with logs by van der Decken

The content on these pages began as an effort to extract the logs from the Brass Cap Cache page, classify them by cap and cacher, and then add them to PDOP's Brass Cap Cache GPX file. Once that had been accomplished, it seemed a shame not to look at what else the data could tell us. And so the statistics pages were created.

Thanks to rustywa's continued generosity, the Brass Cap Stats pages still have a home! But please do not email rustywa about the brass cap stats. He's just providing a home for the stats pages, nothing more.

Active Brass Caps

Current GPX file

GPX file for current brass cap

Although GS has turned off the option to log multiple "Found it"s on caches, and archived and locked the original GC43F3 Brass Cap cache page, you will still be able to keep track of your brass cap finds here. Log your find on the Brass Cap Cache - A Memorial Puzzle cache. Instead of a "Found it" log, use a "Write note" and include one of the following strings somewhere in your log: {*FOUND*}, {FOUND}, (FOUND), or [FOUND]. The weekly update job will detect this and count your log as a rather than a .

For BCPs that have their own GCcode (like BCP795 - outforthehunt's Cap and BCP792 - An ASCM Virtual Cache), logging a find as usual for that cache is sufficient for it to "automagically" show up in the BCP stats. There's no need to log a separate note on the Memorial Puzzle page.

To see an example of how this works, look at my log for BCP623. On the GC site, it shows as a , but here on the BCP623 stats page it shows as a . It also shows as a in the GPX files and in all the statistics.

Please demonstrate that you have actually been to the cap location somehow. That can be pictures in your log (with any cap numbers obscured), or by sending the cap numbers to me either as text or as a picture of the unobscured cap.

Cacher Stats: A list of cachers ordered by the number of caps they've found.

Cap Rankings: A list of caps ordered by the number of times they've been found.

Cap Listings: A list of caps in BCP order (i.e. in the order of the original publication date).

Caps that haven't been found: A list of caps that, oddly enough, haven't been found yet.

Monthly & yearly find totals: A series of graphs showing the total number of caps found in each month for each calendar year, as well as yearly totals.

GPX file with logs: This is PDOP's Brass Cap GPX file with all log entries from the Brass Cap Cache page. Suitable for loading into GSAK, CacheMate, MapSource, you name it. (Right click the "GPX file with logs" link and select Save Link/Target As...)

KML file: A KML file of all caps suitable for loading into Google Earth. It's not intended as a replacement for PDOP's interactive cap map, only as a quick way to see the caps in Google Earth.